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Welcome to the Workout Place in Rockland County. Here you’ll find a variety of martial arts, fitness and movement programs, all dedicated to improving the quality and joyfulness of life.

Our Children’s Karate and Yoga for Kids programs help children become more focused, fit and confident while helping them develop the skills, attitudes and work habits needed to succeed in school and in life.

Coach Mike Fevola’s Teen Sports-Fitness programs are designed to improve all critical aspects of athletic performance i.e., strength, stamina, agility, flexibility and coordination.

For adults seeking to lose weight, get in shape, reduce stress and improve the overall quality of their lives,  we offer TaeKwonDo,  Yoga and Pilates classes. 

For those interested in learning to protect themselves, we offer CounterStrike Self Defense Programs.

Our programs are all tailored to meet individual participant needs and require no special skills or abilities to start.

We invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation trial class for yourself or your child.